Shariah compliant investing,
made simple.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said:

Every society had a trial and the trial of my
Ummah is wealth.

Hakkim 4: 318

Our business objective is preservation of capital and consistent cash flow of 8% per annum.

Real Estate Market as a Shariah Investment

Commercial real estate has historically been a sound, safe investment when located in growing markets. We are taking the initiative to allow individual investors to pool their funds so as to invest in a shari’a-compliant manner. Such pooling by the community will provide us access to the same types of medium to large scale, revenue-producing real estate opportunities that have traditionally been available only to institutional investors, pension plans, insurance companies and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Types of real estate properties targeted

Office buildings


Retail Shopping Centres

Strip Malls


Multi-tenanted Business Parks

Light Industrial Buildings


Entertainment & Sports Complexes

Multi-unit Residential Apartment Buildings


Multi-unit Industrial Properties.

One Community, One Future

Location: 18th Floor, 201 Portage Ave Suite 1800, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6, Canada

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