Atif Aqeel OAA, MBA, LEED AP

An internationally trained business executive and architect whose MBA studies in Dubai included a focus on Shari’a finance

Shahzad Siddiqui, LL.M.
A member of the Ontario Bar and Managing Partner at Abrahams LLP.

Shari'a Advisory Board

Mufti Fahad Ahmad Qureshi
Senior Adviser for Ithmaar Bank Bahrain, Shariah advisor Khair for Families, Australia, Lead Shariah Consultant for MM Consulting and Engineering Contractors, member Shariah Board panel of Darul Ilm Limited. as well as former Shariah Adviser for a variety of Islamic banks.

Shaykh Hafiz Mohammad
Abdullah Nadwi

Current Secretary and Shariah Board Member of Islamic Finance Advisory Services of the Caribbean Limited (IFASCAR) under the chairmanship of Dr. Monzer Kahf

Shaykh Amjad Bangash

Head of Shariah and Audit Compliance of Muzn Bank, Oman.


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